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Smartshares ETFs offer diversified, low fee exposure to New Zealand equity, debt and cash markets. They are listed on NZX and also available directly here. NZX’s largest listed companies are market leaders and global challengers in a range of industries such as agriculture, technology and tourism.


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New Zealand is a great place to invest

Stable country

Stable mixed-member proportional (MMP) government
Budget government surplus
Progressive investment focus
#1 in the world for ease of doing business 1
#1 in the world for lack of corruption 2
English speaking

Sound macro base

Stable interest rate environment: 2.8% (10 years)
Inflation: 2%
Stable exchange rate US$ to NZ$ of 0.74

Solid growth environment

GDP growth: 2.9%
Fastest growing population in OECD: 2.1%
Low unemployment: 4.5%

ETFs in the New Zealand market

About Smartshares

Smartshares is owned by NZX, operator of New Zealand’s stock exchange. NZX itself is listed on NZX.

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1 World Banks "Doing Business 2019"
2 Corruption Perception Index Transparency International 2017