Build your investment portfolio with Smartshares products and gain exposure to a range of global and domestic investment possibilities. Easy to invest. Simple to follow your investment.


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With one simple NZD purchase you get an investment in a range of securities, such as listed companies or corporate bonds, spreading your risk more broadly.


Key Benefits

With one simple purchase you get an investment in a range of financial products, such as listed companies or government bonds, spreading your risk more broadly. Increased diversification aims to smooth out volatility in your investment portfolio.


The funds keep costs down because in most cases we do not need to make active investment decisions, which may require spending on research and analytical expertise.


Key Benefits

Simple fee structure with no performance based fees.

Option to sign up for our regular savings plan.

Generally lower fees than other New Zealand managed funds.


Smartshares units trade like individual shares. From as little as $500 up front and $50 per month, our regular savings plan is a simple and affordable way to accumulate units.


Key Benefits

It’s easy to sign up and apply. Buy units in Smartshares via your NZX Participant, or directly with Smartshares.

Participate in the Smartshares regular savings plan – payments can be from as little as $50 a month and can be started or stopped at any time.

The regular savings plan allows you to benefit from dollar cost averaging. This lessens the risk of investing a large amount in a single investment at the wrong time.

Where distributions are paid, you have the option of taking the income or reinvesting in the same fund for no additional cost.


Build a global portfolio in NZD.


Key Benefits

The funds enable you to build a global portfolio in NZD, without having to worry about the complexity of managing foreign currencies or overseas tax.

Distributions are paid in NZD and automatically reinvested for you, unless you choose to receive them in cash.


Choose from five funds that address environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors.


Key Benefits

Easily gain exposure to environmentally sustainable and socially responsible companies in one transaction.

All companies are screened against criteria across environmental, social and good governance standards.

With Smartshares’ five ESG funds, you can focus on global equities in Japan, Europe, US, emerging markets or the whole world.




Purchasing Smartshares ETFs does not guarantee a profit or assure against losses.

Price of units can go up and down and units can trade at a discount or a premium, which means the purchase price of a unit can differ from the value of the underlying fund assets.

A more comprehensive description of the risks in this type of investment can be found in the Product Disclosure Statement.