Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are one of the fastest growing investment products in the world.

Smartshares offers access to a comprehensive selection of global and domestic ETFs across the main investment asset classes of Cash, Bonds, Shares and Property. Depending on which ETF you choose, the fund may contain a portfolio of securities that seeks to:

Track the performance of a specific index, such as the NZ Top 10 Fund (TNZ) which tracks the S&P/NZX 10 Index and comprises 10 of the largest listed companies on the New Zealand stock exchange (NZX); or

Outperform a specific index, such as the Global Bond Fund (GBF) which aims to outperform the Barclays Global Aggregate Index and may include government bonds or bank securities.

Some of the Smartshares ETFs gain exposure to global markets by investing directly in an underlying fund. For these ETFs, it is the underlying fund that contains a portfolio of securities designed to track a specific index.


Smartshares is the pioneer of ETFs in New Zealand, launching the first ETF (TNZ - the NZ Top 10 Fund) in 1996.

Smartshares funds are listed on NZX so you can buy or sell them just like individual shares. The listed funds are designed to track (or, in some cases, outperform) an index. Each Smartshares ETF is designed to provide investors with similar returns to a direct investment in all the securities that make up the ETF.


The Smartshares board of four directors is profiled below.

Bevan Miller


Bevan is the Chairman of the Smartshares board, and CFO of NZX. He has extensive financial experience in the corporate and accounting sectors, previously as CFO at Acurity Health Group. Prior to that Bevan held a number of senior finance roles at Telecom (now Spark), having started his career in the audit division of global accounting firm KPMG.

Paul Baldwin


Paul is a Smartshares Director, and Head of NZX Wealth Technologies. He has extensive funds management experience having previously worked for ASB leading its investment and wrap platform business, and prior to that was a corporate trustee, and Head of Retail Custodial Operations at Trustee Executors.

Guy Elliffe

Independent Director

Guy is an Independent Director of Smartshares. He is currently Corporate Governance Manager at the Accident Compensation Corporation. Previously he was Head of Equities at AMP Capital Investors (New Zealand) Limited, and he has held a range of senior investment roles in New Zealand and the US.

John Williams

Independent Director

John is an Independent Director of Smartshares. He is currently the Investment Manager at Trust Investments Management Limited. Previously he was a Key Client Manager at Vanguard Investments, and has held a range of investment strategy and consulting roles in the New Zealand institutional market.

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How to get SmartShares

Choose from one of three easy investment options and take advantage of flexible payment terms.


Smartshares accepts direct investments from new investors for as little as $500 per fund. Read the Product Disclosure Statement then apply online.

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NZX Participant

You can buy units in Smartshares funds through an NZX Participant, just like ordinary shares.

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Authorised Financial Advisor

Ask your financial advisor about Smartshares funds, as many AFAs have arrangements for buying these products either through Smartshares or an NZX Participant.

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