With one simple purchase you get an investment in a range of securities, such as listed companies or government bonds, spreading your risk more broadly.

Lower Fees

Smartshares funds keep costs down because in most cases (with the exception of the SmartIncome funds) the fund manager does not need to make active investment decisions, which may require an investment in research and analytical expertise.


Smartshares units trade like individual shares. From as little as $500 up front and $50 per month, our regular savings plan is a simple and affordable way to accumulate units.


As Smartshares funds are listed on the NZX Main Board, they give you the same transparency as an investment in individual shares.

“Many New Zealand shareholders own shares in just one or a few companies. That’s not clever.”
Mary Holm (BA, MA, MBA, financial columnist and seminar presenter) in
“Upside Downside - a guide to risk savers and Investors”,
published by the Reserve Bank of NZ.

How to get SmartShares

Choose from one of three easy investment options and take advantage of flexible payment terms.


Smartshares accepts direct investments from new investors for as little as $500 per fund. Read the Investment Statement then apply online.

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NZX Participant

You can buy units in Smartshares funds through an NZX Participant, just like ordinary shares.

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Authorised Financial Advisor

Ask your financial advisor about Smartshares funds, as many AFAs have arrangements for buying these products either through Smartshares or an NZX Participant.

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SMARTKIWI is closed to new members

smartkiwi will continue to operate, but will not be accepting any new applications to join or transfer into the scheme.